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Productive IT Management Insights

Securing the "loose change" in Symantec DLP

Comprehensive, business-focused DLP programs achieve greater risk reduction by integrating Symantec DLP into their existing security program and leveraging the software to promote enterprise-wide initiatives that drive cultural change across the...

Why you need to upgrade to Oracle 12c NOW if you are running Symantec DLP

Many know that Oracle is the "Fort Knox" of the Symantec DLP system backend, but if you aren’t the DLP admin, you may not know that you need to upgrade it NOW. On May 31st, 2018, Symantec released a technote with details on the planned support for...

Video: So long DLP... Hello Insider Threat

DLP means so much more than it did 10 years ago. 

Why the loss of momentum and failure to adapt can diminish the value of DLP

Poor or lacking post-launch follow-up. Loss of momentum and failure to adapt can diminish the value of DLP.

How a healthcare facility put process before tools.

Healthcare is experiencing a lot of pressure from cybercriminals through indiscriminate, as well as targeted malware attacks. A west coast-based Healthcare Organization reached out to ITS about advising them on the improvement of the overall...

Video: 3 Reasons Why You'll Want to Upgrade to Symantec DLP 15 Immediately

If you're an existing Symantec DLP customer, you’ll likely want this upgrade ASAP! Those that are just embarking on the DLP journey, you’ve come at a great time. There were improvements and features added in several areas of version 15, such as 

Stacking up on Information Protection with Symantec DLP

Did you know that Symantec Data Loss Prevention has three layers of information protection and visibility? From the perimeter to the core, detection technologies include:

Maturing Data Loss Prevention policies to minimize false positives

Maturity doesn't happen by accident.  The best way to establish an effective cadence is to deliberately and relentlessly plan for one. A healthcare organization in Minneapolis invested in a Data Loss Prevention solution but only gained visibility...

Video: Cover Your SaaS

Video: Overcoming Roadblocks to DLP Maturity

  If you’re wondering why you still aren’t seeing the value from your DLP investment or can’t seem to move up the maturity scale, you need to watch this video. Many organizations invest in a DLP solution thinking that it will simply plug into their...