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Productive IT Management Insights

Video: BigFoot and the Security Drones

Productivity, not visibility, is the key to maturing risk management. Obviously BigFoot is not happy about the drone bothering his family.

Video: BigFoot and the Bouncers

When we talk about risk management, we are talking about keeping in the good stuff and the bad stuff out.     We aren't talking about being bouncers at a club.  Our friend, bigfoot, obviously did not have a good evening at the club.

Video: BigFoot and the Surveillance Company

Keeping the organization protected is more challenging than ever.   We aren't talking about building security but our friend, bigfoot, just having another day at the office.

Video: BigFoot and Community Watch

Everyone is at risk - it's not just the Fortune 500.\     Our friend, bigfoot, has attracted the attention of his neighborhood patrol.  Don't worry, they are on it!.