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Productive IT Management Insights

Video: Improve your ServiceNow Vulnerability Response with VulnDB Vulnerability Integration

Vulnerability Response is only as good as the information available to you. Better data matters because it enables better prioritization decisions and quicker remediation. RBS’ VulnDB Vulnerability Database has data on over 200,000 vulnerabilities,...

Video: 3 ways the ITS Jamf Integration will simplify and improve your ServiceNow ITAM program

Many organizations are leveraging Jamf Pro to help manage their Macs, but they frequently experience headaches trying to import Jamf asset data into their CMDB.

ITS Jamf Integration for ServiceNow: Bringing Simplicity and Modern User Experiences to the Enterprise App

We're excited to announce our new ITS Jamf Integration. This integration brings a sleek, user-friendly experience to customers looking to bring their Mac hardware and software inventory from Jamf Pro into ServiceNow.

Video: Drive Software Asset Management Transparency with Servicenow

Video: Learn How ServiceNow’s Phishing Response Workflow works in the London Release


Video: How ServiceNow Security Operations Can Help Unify and Accelerate Your Incident Response

Despite major organizational investment in security and vulnerability management toolsets, surveys and studies everywhere show that companies are still taking too long to respond to important signals from all of these. Oversights of too much...

Video: ServiceNow Security Incident Response: Symantec and Splunk Demo

Get a glimpse into what Security Operations can do to unify and accelerate your response, getting even more value out of the platform. ServiceNow customers are starting to change the game in “operationalizing security” by extending their leading...

Video: ServiceNow Vulnerability Response with Tenable IO Demo


Video: 5 Tips and Tricks To Build a Stronger CMDB Foundation

Video: So long DLP... Hello Insider Threat

DLP means so much more than it did 10 years ago.