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Productive IT Management Insights

What you need to know about Meltdown and Spectre

Two proof-of-concept attacks have recently been discovered named Meltdown and Spectre. These vulnerabilities “break down barriers between user mode and kernel mode and between different processes running on the same device, allowing a rogue process...

Why I Believe We Should Have More Women in STEM Careers

Growing up in India, I watched my mother juggle taking care of our family, tutoring other children, and a career as an economics professor at the local university. She inspired me to reach for the stars and made me believe that nothing was out of...

Stacking up on Information Protection with Symantec DLP

Did you know that Symantec Data Loss Prevention has three layers of information protection and visibility? From the perimeter to the core, detection technologies include:

6 Commonly Misconfigured SQL Server settings in Microsoft Configuration Manager Environments

When working in customer environments, we commonly see a lack of oversight of the Configuration Manager database instance. Often combined with a general lack of familiarity with the settings configured, or teams having the ability to rely on other...

Quit wasting your knowledge worker's time on broken processes and tools

Our active ServiceNow projects continue to drive worthless and wasteful work out of important business functions and processes. In this latest example, we:

Continue to free threat responder's time in new and unexpected ways with ServiceNow SecOps

The link between ServiceNow Event Management (EM) and ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)  isn’t being discussed much, but it’s a pretty big advantage for the customers who can take advantage of it! That is what we have discovered a couple of...

Are Your Security Threat Fighters Stuck In The Mundane?


Are Sales & Marketing InfoSec's Big Cloud Nightmare?

Symantec recently published an article challenging CISO's to the question "do you know where your cloud data is going?" and it got me thinking…

ITS Partners wins 101 Best and Brightest Award 2nd Year in a Row

ITS Partners is excited to announce that we have won the 101 West Michigan Best and Brightest award for the second year! ITS has a great team of motivated and hard-working employees who make ITS a great place to work every day!

Video: Challenging the status quo of IT Management: Keeping users productive and protected.

  What IT leaders can learn from "open world" games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. “Open world” games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft have transformed the gaming industry and have made a huge impact on our culture because of one simple...