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Productive IT Management Insights

Bomgar Remote Tool Integration for ITMS 7.6 and 8.0

This whitepaper covers how to configure the ITMS Remote Tool Integration component for Bomgar. The future intent of this document is to provide comparisons of additional remote control tools, their integration options and functionality within the...

So, what does the status quo look like?

If you are following my blog, you know I focus on systems management. If you’re new to my world, check this out for a primer. When it comes to managing infrastructure, deploying content and enabling productivity – there is a right way, and then...

Where did my demo machine go?

PPC (our fictional company) has been excited to roll out some new computers in their environment. Engineering has found a fantastic new workstation they think will solve all the complaints they have been receiving from their internal customers.

Systems Management - The Status Quo isn't working

Warning: Bold claims within! OK, let me give you some background first. If you read my post about what you don’t know about systems management might kill you, you know I’ve been very focused on systems management for quite some time. Having seen...

Video: Introducing ServiceNow, The Enterprise IT Cloud Company.

Introducing ServiceNow, The Enterprise IT Cloud Company.