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Why you need to upgrade to Oracle 12c NOW if you are running Symantec DLP

Matt Reid
August 23, 2018


Many know that Oracle is the "Fort Knox" of the Symantec DLP system backend, but if you aren’t the DLP admin, you may not know that you need to upgrade it NOW.

On May 31st, 2018, Symantec released a technote with details on the planned support for Oracle 12c, and end of support for 11g at the end of September.

Depending on a given organizations staff and maturity, these upgrades can fall into the hands of the Security team, and many aren’t familiar enough with Oracle to properly prepare for the upgrade or deal with problems along the way. We have a simple service offering based on our direct experience conducting these database upgrade projects and have completed a ton of them over the summer. We have this down to a science and can usher you through this database upgrade, as well as make other recommendations on your DLP System while engaged.

Anyone still on 11g is also most likely running older DLP software and should be looking to upgrade to DLP 15 in order to avoid loss of support from Symantec. Upgrading will also leverage the new features and latest integrations which have come far in DLP 15.

You can contact us via our website to arrange a free scoping conversation with a consultant to determine your needs and understand your environment a little better!

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