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10 Questions We Answer About Meltdown and Spectre.

There are still many questions about Meltdown and Spectre, so we thought we would address ten of the more common questions and concerns in the market. The goal of this article is not to dissuade the reader or imply that the Meltdown and Spectre...

Video: Keeping Windows 10 in orbit – The Systems Management Guide

  We’ve discovered the launch codes for keeping Windows 10 in orbit in any organization, no matter what systems management solution you use. Here’s the trick – you have to be at the right level for your current maturity. Aim too low and you’ll crash...

Video: Seamlessly deploy ad-hoc software request right from ServiceNow using SCCM

  Free your IT to focus on what really matters to your business, while giving your end users the consumer e-commerce experience they’re accustom to. AI: SCCM makes this possible with a tight integration between ServiceNow and Microsoft SCCM Endpoint...

Video: Manage Any Device, Anywhere With IT Management Suite 7.6 (Altiris) by Symantec


Video: Symantec IT Management Suite 7.6 Tour

Video: ITS Managed Services Endpoint Security Offerings.

Ensuring 4,000+ Endpoints Are Secure Using Managed Services

Case Study: Ensuring 4,000+ Endpoints Are Secure Using Managed Services by ITS Partners

Video: Symantec Data Loss Prevention: Triggering Endpoint Response Rules

Video: Symantec Endpoint Management to ServiceNow Integration

In this video, Aaron Hudson of ITS Partners will demonstrate how you can leverage the power of your existing Altiris infrastructure within the ServiceNow platform. As an endpoint management customer, you are likely to have valuable resource data and...

Video: 7.5 Reasons to Upgrade to Altiris 7.5