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Productive IT Management Insights

If your patch compliance is less than 95%, you shouldn’t be sleeping at night.

Why Lots-to-Lose, Inc. patch compliance was at 40% before ITS stepped in with a managed service.

Proactive Outcomes from ITS Managed Services

With any vendor solution that is implemented, there is a high probability at any time, that the software must be updated immediately because of a critical security flaw. In fact, this exact scenario happened recently with one of the solutions our...

Grand Rapids-based ITS Partners opens new Managed Services Operations Center, offers more IT solutions to customers

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (June 15, 2016) – ITS Partners, a technology solutions company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced today the opening of its new Managed Services Operations Center (MSOC) at the company’s headquarters in Grand Rapids,...

Software Deployment Maturity

End-User software delivery can be a headache, mostly due to the immaturity of the process internally.  Here are 4 steps to start in the right direction.

Patch Management Maturity

What pieces are you missing? It's important to realize in your Patch Management process, that "hitting the deploy" button, is not enough.  In the majority of the companies I interact with, the IT department is patching, but just barely.

Podcast: ITS Coffee Talk: Get To Know ITS Managed Services S02E01

Video: Data Center Security 6: Configuring Application Whitelisting, Data Center Security & Managed Services

Configuring policies for Data Center Security 6 can be intimidating. In this video, you will learn how to create a simple application whitelisting policies to lock down your critical systems against non-approved software applications.

Video: ITS Managed Services Endpoint Security Offerings.

Learn more about ITS Managed Services Endpoint Security Offerings. ITS offers solutions for your endpoint protection, and patching compliance.

Video: Microsoft Case Study: Natura

Nathan M. Gillette of Natura Architectural Consulting discusses the value of their partnership with ITS. Natura chose Microsoft Office 365 as their productivity platform and accelerated the deployment of their stateless IT with Managed Services from...

Ensuring 4,000+ Endpoints Are Secure Using Managed Services

Case Study: Ensuring 4,000+ Endpoints Are Secure Using Managed Services by ITS Partners