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Video: Overcoming Roadblocks to DLP Maturity

Chad Dupin
August 17, 2017


Overcoming Roadblocks To DLP Maturity

If you’re wondering why you still aren’t seeing the value from your DLP investment or can’t seem to move up the maturity scale, you need to watch this video. Many organizations invest in a DLP solution thinking that it will simply plug into their environment and begin preventing data loss. Not true. As with most IT investments, there is more to solving the problem than simply buying a tool.

In this webinar we’ll highlight the common mistakes we see organizations make once the dust has settled with an initial DLP implementation. That said, we don’t want to just describe problems without providing solutions! As we discuss the common mistakes made when managing DLP, we’ll also describe how ITS can help you move past those issues and achieve the outcomes you have hoped and dreamed of.


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