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Video: 3 ways the ITS Jamf Integration will simplify and improve your ServiceNow ITAM program

Many organizations are leveraging Jamf Pro to help manage their Macs, but they frequently experience headaches trying to import Jamf asset data into their CMDB.

ITS Jamf Integration for ServiceNow: Bringing Simplicity and Modern User Experiences to the Enterprise App

We're excited to announce our new ITS Jamf Integration. This integration brings a sleek, user-friendly experience to customers looking to bring their Mac hardware and software inventory from Jamf Pro into ServiceNow.

Video: Drive Software Asset Management Transparency with Servicenow

Video: 5 Tips and Tricks To Build a Stronger CMDB Foundation

The Unholy Alliance of SecOps and ITAM

If you have spent any time in large IT departments, you know that the ITAM and SecOps teams are typically treated as outcasts. Before you judge me for saying that, know that I love these people, they are my people. I have been working with ITAM and...

3 reasons to consider a career in technology on National Techies Day

We live in an age of amazing technological achievements.  A career in Information Technology, in particular, can be an amazing experience and career for many. Today is National Techies Day, a day to celebrate those in the broad field of technology...

ITAM and Security: Where can they help each other

IT Asset Management (ITAM) spends its time and resources in knowing the lifecycle of an asset. Let’s call it “From Dating to Haunting.” ITAM is involved with almost every facet of the IT organization. The one place that is sometimes missed is IT...

Infographic: 10 Risky Employee Behaviors in the Cloud

10 Examples of Employee Behaviors in the Cloud That Can Increase Risk Every CISO knows that cloud apps are being used by employees. Some are approved apps but most are not. What every CISO doesn’t know is the full extent of the actions employees are...

Free ITAM Training that is Worth Taking

I wanted to share with you some free asset training provided by the ITAM Review. They have produced a series of 12 common asset management best practices. I’m including the curriculum and link to the website. I’ve found this information to be easily...

When do I use Microsoft SA or VDA Licensing with Windows 10?

I’m frequently asked questions about Microsoft licensing. Recently the questions have become more focused on Microsoft SA and VDA licensing. I wanted to share with you a great How-To article written by Chris at Microsoft. Microsoft licensing changes...