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Video: CMDB Pulse™, a total CMDB health check for ServiceNow

Josh Bernson
October 7, 2022

ITS Partners launched CMDB Pulse™a total CMDB health check for ServiceNow. Watch our On-Demand video to learn how you can bring clarity and confidence to your CMDB.

Analyze your CMDB from top-to-bottom in a new and actionable way, and get the most out of your IT investment — with confidence. Without a healthy CMDB, you’re facing the fear of the unknown. Expanding the potential of ServiceNow should be an exciting prospect, but if you can’t trust your CMDB data and processes, it’s hard to make decisions confidently.


If you want to learn more about how ITS can help you and your organization, start a conversation here or visit our webpage and schedule a call today!

CMDB Pulse

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