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Video: VRx in Action, A live demo of ITS' newest Vulnerability Response Program

Josh Bernson
February 3, 2022

Watch our On-Demand video learn more about how VRx can benefit your organization, then see a live demo of vulnerability response using ServiceNow’s new persona-based workspaces.

VRx is ITS’ newest Vulnerability Response program, built on the powerful platform of ServiceNow. Security Teams today are looking for a faster, more efficient way to tackle and manage vulnerabilities in their environment. This is exactly what VRx will do for you. With a proven prescriptive approach, your organization will be better equipped to overcome critical vulnerabilities and improve the security posture in your environment.


If you would like to schedule a demo or learn more about VRx, press the "Let's Connect" button below to get in touch with an expert.Let's Connect

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