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Productive IT Management Insights

Video: 7 keys to resolving Security Incidents faster than people speed

Symantec solutions are essential for helping organizations protect and detect security incidents across the enterprise. But every incident still needs a response from the organization—and in some cases, the response needs to be lightning fast. The...

Video: Security Operations: Incident Response

Security Operations Incident Response allows organizations to work through Security Related Incidents as they happen in a repeatable manner.

Video: 5 Awesome Features with Symantec's ATP 3.0

Enterprises are increasingly under threat from sophisticated attacks. In fact, threats dwell in an organization’s environment an average of 190 days!

Video: 3 Reasons Why You'll Want to Upgrade to Symantec DLP 15 Immediately

If you're an existing Symantec DLP customer, you’ll likely want this upgrade ASAP! Those that are just embarking on the DLP journey, you’ve come at a great time. There were improvements and features added in several areas of version 15, such as 

Video: Cover Your SaaS

Video: Patch Compliance is not a delusion


Video: Overcoming Roadblocks to DLP Maturity

  If you’re wondering why you still aren’t seeing the value from your DLP investment or can’t seem to move up the maturity scale, you need to watch this video. Many organizations invest in a DLP solution thinking that it will simply plug into their...

Video: Windows 10: It's dangerous to go alone!

  First we showed you how to stay in orbit with Windows 10, then we wanted to make sure you didn't lose your job over it. Between then and now, some crazy stuff has happened. WannaCry was a peeling back of the scab hiding your real patch compliance,...

Video: Don't lose your job over Windows 10

    If your organization has already completed the migration to Windows 10, there’s really no reason to watch this video. Congratulations!

Video: Keeping Windows 10 in orbit – The Systems Management Guide

  We’ve discovered the launch codes for keeping Windows 10 in orbit in any organization, no matter what systems management solution you use. Here’s the trick – you have to be at the right level for your current maturity. Aim too low and you’ll crash...