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Video: IT Asset Management, The Path to Savings, Security, and Sanity

Rachel Wells
December 8, 2022

Watch our On-Demand video as ITS and ServiceNow™ experts will explore the challenges that keep companies from maturing in their asset management practices and how you can benefit.

We know that asset data can wreak havoc on your entire business. Not knowing your assets can be painful and costly and lead to a compliance nightmare, a security concern and a complete headache. One bright spot for IT departments in an emerging digital transformation era is your ability to quickly automate asset management delivering significant cost savings with fewer resources and rapid results.

Specifically, in this video we will cover:

  • What is ITAM and how is the function evolving?
  • What are the primary considerations when transitioning to asset management automation?
  • What are the steps to delivering a production-ready system? 
  • What are some examples of companies that have already implemented ITAM and what has been their experience?

We believe any organization can universally benefit from a centralized solution to unify your assets. Accurate data gives you confidence and asset management provides a quick ROI. This video will help you decide for yourself.


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