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Bomgar Remote Tool Integration for ITMS 7.6 and 8.0

Rasmus Ronlev
July 8, 2016

This whitepaper covers how to configure the ITMS Remote Tool Integration component for Bomgar.

The future intent of this document is to provide comparisons of additional remote control tools, their integration options and functionality within the ITMS console and Remote Tool Integration framework.

Following this document should allow you to successfully configure a right click option in the ITMS console to allow remote control of Bomgar Jump Client enabled endpoints.


Pre-requisites for this include but are not limited to an install of IT Management Suite 7.6 or newer, Client Management Suite 7.6 or similar, however the list of pre-requisites focus exclusively on those needed for the Bomgar functionality;

  • Bomgar appliance URL/FQDN
  • Remote Tool Integration XML configuration file
  • Bomgar Jump Client installed on endpoints


An example of the necessary information is included in the following screenshot of the Bomgar virtual appliance utilized in demonstrating the capabilities in this document;


In this screenshot we see, that the URL/FQDN of the Bomgar appliance is “loal.bomgar.com”.


The following XML is a template/sample of the remote tool integration XML configuration file;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


<remoteTool Name="Bomgar Jump Remote">

<API type="HTTP">






For connectivity to be initiated from the ITMS Console, it is required that the endpoints have the Bomgar JUMP client installed. This essentially allows the endpoints to listen for connection requests. The Jump Client is connected to the Bomgar appliance and the right click option launches the Bomgar Representative console connecting to the Bomgar appliance as well. Together this allows immediate remote control of endpoints.


This screenshot shows the configuration screen for the JUMP Client package creation on the Bomgar appliance. This document will not cover additional information on installation and configuration of the JUMP Client, other than to state this source.


The right-click option for allowing a Bomgar Jump Client remote control session is missing at first install. You are required to create an XML file that will specify the Remote Tool Integration configuration – in this case for the Bomgar Jump Client.

The XML Template is often time called the “Remote Tool Integration” template or the “Remote Access Connector” template and configuration.

To export a Remote Tool Integration template navigate to Settings > Console > Remote Tool Integration > Create Template Configuration;


The Create Template Configuration option will create the following template;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<remoteTool Name="MS RDP">
<API type="EXE">
<parameters>-v [HOSTNAME]</parameters>

The following Symantec SymWISE KB article HOWTO110159 explains the tags and configuration options; http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO110159


For configuring the Bomgar Jump Client right click option the API type needs to be changed to HTTP instead of EXE and the parameters for the API call from the path and parameter tags to a URL tag. The following template code should be utilized, with changing the local.bomgar.com FQDN to that appropriate to the Bombar appliance;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<remoteTool Name="Bomgar Jump Remote">
<API type="HTTP">


Once the XML template has been created and modified with the appropriate URL/FQDN it is ready to import. To import go to Settings > Console > Remote Tool Integration > Import Configuration;


In the dialog box “Import configuration of remote tool” navigate to the XML file by hitting the “Browse…” button;


Navigate to the XML file, then hit “Open”;


This will display the File Path for the XML file in the Import configuration of remote tool dialog;


Now hit “Import”, once the XML configuration file has been imported successfully the following information should appear in the Import configuration of remote tool dialog;


One the import has successfully finished close the window by hitting the X (window close) in the upper right corner of the dialog or by clicking the “Cancel” button.


At this point the configuration of the right click option to allow remote control of a computer through the Bomgar Remote Tool Integration with a Bomgar JUMP Client should be complete.

To access the right-click option and validate the functionality select a computer in Manage > Computers and right-click on the computer. Then navigate the right-click menu Remote Access > Bomgar Jump Remote;


When selecting the right click option you will see a web-page popup. It may or may not show a security warning about the website’s security certificate based on whether your certificate on the Bomgar appliance is trusted by the computer on which you are initiating the remote control session from;


If this appears and you are certain the URL seen can be trusted click “Continue to this website (not recommended).” For production systems it is NOT recommended to continue past this point if a mismatch of the certificate is found!!

This should give you a pop up to save a script from the FQDN of the Bomgar appliance;


Click “Open”.

This will launch the Bomgar Representative Console. If you are already logged into the console it will bypass the authentication screen, however you should see the following screen asking for authentication whenever launching the Bomgar Representative Console on your system;


After providing valid credentials a connection will be established based on the Bomgar Policy for the authenticated user. Once accepted and allowed to connect to the endpoint by Bomgar as well as the User/Policy you should see a screen like this;


If you receive an error when attempting to open the Bomgar Script after right-clicking the Bomgar Jump Remote option please see the Bomgar documentation on how to request and install the Bomgar Representative Console.

Similarly, if you are unable to connect to the endpoint using the Bomgar Jump Remote option because no Bomgar JUMP Client is installed see the Bomgar documentation on how to request and install the JUMP Client. It is feasible to install the Bomgar JUMP Client with Software Management Solution as well as through other means. At current this documentation does not cover these features.


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