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Webinar: Making ITSM better with ITS

Mary Klein
October 7, 2022

As complexity and volumes increase, having the right platform becomes exponentially more critical. If adding headcount has been your only answer to this problem, then your organization is definitely in need of an ITSM program enhancement. Register for our webinar on October 19th to learn more!

This webinar will explain some of the capabilities and strategies that can help you wherever you are in your ITSM journey. Learn ways to provide your IT employees with efficiencies when using ServiceNow. We will describe activity-specific capabilities that can help you save money and time and platform functionalities to give your IT resources easier ways to do what they are doing now.

Join our webinar on October 19th at either 11:00 AM or 2:00 PM ET and learn the importance of a phased approach and how it can help with your return on investment.

Register for 11:00am ESTRegister for 2:00pm EST


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