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How to Prepare for a Recession from an ITSM Perspective

Rob Norris
July 13, 2022

Is a recession coming? As a leader in your organization, you've experienced anxiety when thinking about the future of how to prepare your business for success through a recession. Hear from ITSM expert Rob Norris on what you need to have in place.

You've either seen or been a part of a recession that now brings you fear. You want your business to succeed but don't know where to start. Rob Norris, a specialist in ITSM, offers his insights from previous experience.

From an ITSM perspective, what can be done to prepare for a recession?

Focus on people first. 

Find your best performing and most change-embracing employees and exemplify their behavior. If downsizing (or right-sizing) needs to occur, you already know your personnel moves.

Focus on quick wins in automation and workflow. 

Take a strategic approach to gain efficiencies in automation and case deflection. You'll likely be doing more with less, and you don't want your customers to suffer, so study the platform's capabilities and exploit those that will provide the most value. 

Nail down your processes.

ITSM is not meant to operate in a vacuum. Make sure you're using the system as a fully integrated platform. All the proactive benefits of the platform only work when used in an integrated manner.

Great examples of this include automatically identifying problems from incidents and keeping the CMDB updated through proper change management. ITSM has integrations into most (directly or indirectly) applications on the platform, but many are overlooked, such as Asset Management, Vendor Risk, Security Incident Response, and Disaster Recovery.

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