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ITS: The Leader in Managing and Securing Critical Assets and Critical Infrastructure With ServiceNow

Fritz Byam
February 27, 2023

Our North Star mission statement clearly defines who we are, what we are great at doing, and what we focus on as a Company. 

It also defines what we do not do; we are not a "Jack of All Trades." We decided early in our Company's history to prioritize depth of expertise in a relevant set of workloads.

In alignment with this strategy, we focus on the workloads foundational to truly managing and securing assets across the manufacturing enterprise (IT, OT, or otherwise). The ServiceNow workloads of the CMDBITSMITOMITAM, OT, and SecOps are deeply interdependent. We intentionally chose these workloads because they rely on a core set of expertise and governance.

The relationship between CMDB, OT, and ITAM is an excellent example of this interdependency. The CMDB impacts OT or IT Asset Management programs based on the effect that the CMDB has on the lifecycle of devices being managed by both sources. An unhealthy CMDB can impact the ability to track active inventory in the production environment and understand where devices are, especially when assets are being changed out. The overall effectiveness of your OT or IT Asset Management program depends on maintaining trustworthy data. If the CMDB data becomes unreliable, the quality of management and security processes is significantly reduced.

The service offerings below reflect our desire to have our manufacturing clients manage and secure assets in alignment with what we know works. We value a rapid time to value and long-term outcomes that can be trusted to provide exceptional value and risk reduction.

The most strategic service that we offer is our Program Manager. We offer program managers for all aspects of asset management and adjacent workloads (i.e., CMDB), IT Asset Management & OT Asset Management. This is an experienced executive practitioner who can give steering committee-level guidance and ensure that strategic business-level objectives are prioritized. The Program Manager advises the client on developing a strategic plan (road map). Then they keep the client and the ITS team accountable for the priority work needed to achieve the business goals. The Program Manager is also a leader and an agent for change client change; they will continually promote the fundamental concepts that we know are required for a trusted asset management program.

All our team members share the same point of view:

  • Your ITAM, OT, or CMDB program will only succeed when it is treated as a program, not a project
  • These critical programs will only succeed with clear and aligned governance
  • A sustainable and trusted CMDB is a prerequisite for any IT or OT workload, and the quality of data must be continually measured
  • Discovery must be automated
  • Common data must be set up and continually managed to support business requirements
  • Successful programs are built around managing the complete lifecycle of all assets
  • Your program does not stand alone; it interacts with every other area of your business.
  • The CMDB, ITAM & OT are overlapping and continually converging workloads; customers must start with a vision for how the workloads will be integrated in the future 

Much of the work involved in stand up a successful program for manufacturers goes far beyond configuring a tool; it is process and governance work that must be completed in collaboration with the client with a high level of clarity and alignment. Our Business Process Consultants (BPCs) deliver this critical process development service. They align with the Program Manager (or customer leader) and are the primary resource that collects insight into how the customer operates (or wants to operate). The BPCs do more to gather and document business requirements; they are also practitioners that help direct client teams toward solutions that are aligned with best process practice and process that supports effective governance. It is essential to have BPC involved throughout a program, to ensure that the technical solution supports the defined process.

ITS Partners

Our Solutions Architects, Innovation Developers, and Technical Consultants provide the service to deliver the ServiceNow technical solution that supports the defined program and business objectives. In collaboration with the BPC team, the technical team writes the development approaches stories, completes needed integrations, and configures ServiceNow with a focus on user experience, system efficiency, system security, and the least amount of technical debt possible.

Many of our customers are starting a journey of asset maturity and often require support beyond the program’s first phase. For clients requiring ongoing support or help getting started, we offer Specialized Services. Our Specialized Services can include any of the above-mentioned roles and provide a high level of flexibility. For clients in the manufacturing space, our experience is they often need the following help: an ongoing program manager, refinement of process to support the program, short-term assistance getting entitlements loaded,  mapping OT services, making change management a good experience for manufacturing, integrating OT location data from SAP to ServiceNow, managing configuration for production assets, creating second phase integrations, and helping operate the program while the client team learns to operate it independently.

All these activities are managed by a team of experienced engagement managers, who keep our other service providers on track and ensure that our clients get the outcomes needed.

Managing and securing critical assets isn’t just our North Star, it’s our "fastball." Our work in this area precedes our relationship with ServiceNow, and it remains the focus of ITS. Our Practitioners know how it feels to run manufacturing operations, implement critical asset programs, and be responsible for ensuring that the data is trusted.  

We help you turn chaos into confidence by building an appropriate program for our clients and then helping them make it a reality. We're a community of ServiceNow guides, mentors, and experts with decades of experience, wisdom, and technical expertise. We care about your long-term success. We work to set you up for success long after we're done with our part.

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ITS Partners


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