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Quit wasting your knowledge worker's time on broken processes and tools

Josh Brown
August 25, 2017

Our active ServiceNow projects continue to drive worthless and wasteful work out of important business functions and processes.

In this latest example, we:

  • streamlined a Procure to Pay system
  • automated several mundane processes
  • provided new insight into trends impacting the P2P function

Like most manufacturers, this customer had a complex P2P process shaped by a global footprint, approval requirements and complex prioritization. In its old state, the process relied on more than 10 global mailboxes managed by a team of 20 people. They operated in an Excel spreadsheet, spending much of their time figuring out who was handling what. While the work did get completed, it was far from optimal. There was no global view, no reliable performance KPIs, and no easy way to validate approvals or compliance with the priorities critical to keeping a manufacturing operation running.

Learn more about "Putting Process Before Tools"

Putting the process elements first, ITS created a ServiceNow application that have changed the game for the P2P team. Tickets now flow from around the globe into the system where they are automatically categorized, prioritized and tracked throughout their lifecycle. Metadata and KPI data are automatically collected and reported on in real time. Further, reporting from the system provides the entire team with insights that are critical to understanding trends affecting the business.

Most importantly, this manufacturer’s P2P team is no longer spending valuable time trying to organize and prioritize work delivered from a broken system. They are free to do the important work of keeping their manufacturing centers productive.


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