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Why You Should Engage with a ServiceNow Partner

Rachel Wells
February 15, 2023

Are you looking to implement ServiceNow or begin expanding on the platform? A critical step in the decision making process is determining whether or not to work with a partner. Here are many reasons why you can benefit from engaging with a ServiceNow Partner.

1. A ServiceNow Partner continues strengthening process and technology best practices by working with experts across many companies and industries.

We have a lot of experience among our specialists. We have seen what works and what doesn't work. We have worked with a diverse set of industries which has allowed us to see patterns of customers and understand that although each customer is special, they aren't all unique. Like the game of life, customers experience similar issues at different times or in different ways. This is where we come in and offer our expertise in each situation.

2. We provide one-on-one expertise.

Everything we do is to enable the customer to be successful. We talk about your needs to improve your business. We take a strategic enablement approach to help YOU. 
- Shaun Brachmann, ITOM Practice Director

3. We've been in your shoes.

We have specialists and practitioners who have been Asset Managers, IT Operations Managers, etc. This means we've experienced the ups and downs of it all. We can show you around best because we have experienced what you have gone through. 

4. We offer Best Practices.

We are all about a quicker time to value. We've seen what our customers go through, and we offer solutions tailored to you and your organization.

We know approaches to try and have many options and shortcuts to get you to success. Our goal is to keep you on time, on budget, and in scope. We are here to help guide you for the long term, not just the now. For example, We are going to help you do "Asset Management" so that the next part of the ServiceNow journey / maturing business is successful

5. Reduces workload for your team.

This allows them to continue their focus on the core business. This is huge! Everybody is busy...if we can work with your team to understand your needs and limitations, we can design a solution specifically for you. 

6. We provide a clear roadmap for moving forward.

You can take endless paths on your ServiceNow journey - an experienced Partner can help you navigate from where you are to the best destination for you. We can design a long-term roadmap and make adjustments along the way. If business priorities change – we can change with you.

7. Helps ensure successful adoption through process and governance work.

It is all about embracing change and building new skills and habits.

The majority of solutions are process related. It is all about how you approach the solution, not just technical solutions. 

8. Scapegoat: If it fails, it's the Partner's fault...if it succeeds, you can be the hero for bringing in the Partner.

We have not only made businesses successful but also individuals. We have enhanced people's careers! If we do something successful – you and your organization benefit and win.

When you work with partners that once walked in your shoes, you reach your desired outcomes faster and avoid common mistakes only experience could see coming. ITS can be your North Star on the journey to your destination of greater success!

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