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Software Deployment Maturity

Chad Dupin
November 19, 2015

Software Deployment Maturity

End-User software delivery can be a headache, mostly due to the immaturity of the process internally.  Here are 4 steps to start in the right direction.


The Software Deployment service at ITS Partners can bring your maturity level to best in class with our product, process, and procedures developed by our expert Engineers.  We (and you) benefit from years of managing, and administering daily operations in the Symantec Management Platform, and Microsoft System Center.  ITS Managed Services also utilizes the ServiceNow integration products built in house, AI: Altiris, and AI:SCCM.  Both products provide actionable integration to ServiceNow.  Providing the complete lifecycle of service management to your customer.

For more info about our ServiceNow integration products, go here

For more info about ITS Managed Services, click! or contact me

ITS Managed Services has the ability to work with your on-premises Endpoint Management tool, or in our cloud!


About the Author

Christopher Park  Chris Park is the Director of Managed Services at ITS Partners. He is responsible for ensuring success between the customer and solutions provided, and expanding the customer relationships to assist in solving all IT challenges.

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