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If your patch compliance is less than 95%, you shouldn’t be sleeping at night.

Chad Dupin
October 9, 2017

Why Lots-to-Lose, Inc. patch compliance was at 40% before ITS stepped in with a managed service.


Incomplete or inconsistent patching.

Lots-to-Lose, Inc. was struggling to get all of the right patches to the right systems quickly and successfully. They depended on a patch automation system that wasn’t correctly set up for the devices they had in the field and the ways their employees worked.

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Slow turnaround from patch release to patch deployment.

We watched the team at Lots-to-Lose, Inc. start to cringe each time another wave of new patches piled up, and we knew their pain. There are dozens of reason why a patch might fail to deploy—from software incompatibilities to long download times—and navigating those minefields tactfully for every patch is a complicated process.

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Patch deployments causing disruptions for users and business.

Lots-to-Lose, Inc. has several business critical applications that were custom built for specific environments. Every patch that went out altered those environments in some way, which risked major business disruption if those custom applications weren’t compatible with the patch.

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Limited or no visibility into true patch compliance level.

Without a system properly configured to accurately report which endpoints successfully got the patch, installed it without errors, and rebooted successfully; the team at Lots-to-Lose, Inc. had no idea where the points of failure were in their process, or why their compliance level was so low.

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