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Grand Rapids-based ITS Partners opens new Managed Services Operations Center, offers more IT solutions to customers

Chad Dupin
June 15, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (June 15, 2016) – ITS Partners, a technology solutions company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced today the opening of its new Managed Services Operations Center (MSOC) at the company’s headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The new state of the art facility is designed to help ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the company’s tech support offerings through a combination of monitoring, analytics, reporting, and management solutions.

The new MSOC was designed by Bob Rabbitt, vice president of managed services at ITS. Rabbitt, a veteran IT professional, will also manage the center, which plans to hire additional staff to support operations. The MSOC will be staffed by a team of highly specialized IT professionals to manage and support the unique systems management, IT security, and automation needs of ITS customers.

“The MSOC allows us to effectively bring talent and technology into one space so that we can more efficiently collaborate and quickly respond to customer needs,” said Rabbitt. “By creating the MSOC, ITS now has an even better view of customer systems, whether cloud-based or on premise, via a suite of best-of-breed solutions and processes.” In addition, Rabbitt said ITS Partners’ cloud-based service management portal allows customers to submit requests, view real-time issue resolution updates, and create reports.

For more information about ITS Managed Services Operations Center, please visit: https://www.itsdelivers.com/managedservices/

About ITS Partners: Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 1984 ITS Partners is an IT service firm specializing in productive IT management. By offering a wide variety of smart technology solutions, ITS focuses on helping large IT organizations that are trying to meet the service demands of a highly consumerized workforce but find themselves bogged down in the mundane, time-consuming side of IT Management.

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