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Proactive Outcomes from ITS Managed Services

Chad Dupin
July 14, 2016

With any vendor solution that is implemented, there is a high probability at any time, that the software must be updated immediately because of a critical security flaw. In fact, this exact scenario happened recently with one of the solutions our Managed Services team delivers.

But, there is GREAT NEWS for our customers. As part of our Services, we deliver Proactive Outcomes.This is a HUGE benefit of customers utilizing our Managed Services solutions.

Within a few hours, we already had a plan for remediation, and 2 days later, the fix was rolling out to 100% of our customers. We are always on the lookout for the customer, as a partner!

When a critical issue is discovered as part of our suite of solutions, the ITS Partners Managed Services team immediately moves into action to develop a plan of remediation. The solution experts quickly start to follow our process:


Gather all of the data necessary concerning the vulnerability, including impact to customer, and urgency to remediate


Build, Plan, and test the plan for remediation. Ensure that the fix actually corrects the identified issue.


Inform our customers that ITS Managed Services already has a fully developed plan for remediation of the issue. Discuss the plan with the customer, allow for feedback, and ensure all questions are answered.


Use the outputs of the planning and testing process to ensure a successful, measured delivery of the fix. While also making sure that the customer is informed thru rich, knowledge driven, analytics.

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