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Score Your Organizations ITAM Effectiveness using our Maturity Assessment

Yvette Mathews
April 11, 2022

See where your organizations ITAM maturity is at using our Maturity Assessment!

The IT Asset Management Maturity Assessment contains 25 statements about the effectiveness of the ITAM systems and technology in your organization.

ITAM can be a real pain in your assets. With so many assets to manage and a revolving door of people, processes, and problems, before you know it, you’re experiencing ITAM chaos.

Here’s what ITAM chaos might look like in your organization:

  • Increased IT costs are hurting your bottom line.
  • Getting audited is a nightmare scenario.
  • IT Security lives with constant asset uncertainty.
  • Employees’ experience is frustrating and painful.
  • Managing your assets takes so. much. time.
  • No one wants to touch ITAM unless there’s something in it for them.
The assessment measures the efficiency of systems in six key areas:

1. Visibility
2. Cost
3. Compliance
4. Security
5. Employee Experience
6. Overall Asset Management

Click below to see where your organizations ITAM maturity is at using our Maturity Assessment.

ITAM Maturity Assessment

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