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Video: The Unsung Hero, How HAMx can improve the life of an Asset Manager

Josh Bernson
June 18, 2021

As an Asset Manager, are you competing for time or investment with others in your organization? Can you collect accurate information to secure the ITAM investment you need? HAMx will allow you to operate with agility, control cost and risk and gain complete visibility. We know how to get you back on track; watch our On-Demand video to see how!

HAMx is best practice. Decades of experience to guide you through the labyrinth of industry standards. HAMx is prescriptive. Pre-defined objectives provide clarity, confidence, and reduced runtime. HAMx is flexible. You choose the solution that best fits your needs. HAMx isn’t for everyone. But it could be the solution you are looking for. Watch our video to see how HAMx can improve the life of an Asset Manager.

Featured speakers:
Chelsea Parker,
Business Process Consultant
Eric Pett,
Business Process Consultant
India Tellkamp,
Partner Relationship Manager

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