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Productive IT Management Insights

The Unholy Alliance of SecOps and ITAM

If you have spent any time in large IT departments, you know that the ITAM and SecOps teams are typically treated as outcasts. Before you judge me for saying that, know that I love these people, they are my people. I have been working with ITAM and...

Why the loss of momentum and failure to adapt can diminish the value of DLP

Poor or lacking post-launch follow-up. Loss of momentum and failure to adapt can diminish the value of DLP.

What you need to know about Meltdown and Spectre

Two proof-of-concept attacks have recently been discovered named Meltdown and Spectre. These vulnerabilities “break down barriers between user mode and kernel mode and between different processes running on the same device, allowing a rogue process...

Video: 7 keys to resolving Security Incidents faster than people speed

Symantec solutions are essential for helping organizations protect and detect security incidents across the enterprise. But every incident still needs a response from the organization—and in some cases, the response needs to be lightning fast. The...

How a healthcare facility put process before tools.

Healthcare is experiencing a lot of pressure from cybercriminals through indiscriminate, as well as targeted malware attacks. A west coast-based Healthcare Organization reached out to ITS about advising them on the improvement of the overall...

The Right Place assists ITS Partners with local expansion

Today The Right Place, Inc., in collaboration with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) announced that locally-based ITS Partners will invest $2.5 million towards a new headquarters and add 68 high-tech jobs.

Video: Security Operations: Incident Response

Security Operations Incident Response allows organizations to work through Security Related Incidents as they happen in a repeatable manner.

Video: 5 Awesome Features with Symantec's ATP 3.0

Enterprises are increasingly under threat from sophisticated attacks. In fact, threats dwell in an organization’s environment an average of 190 days!

Why I Believe We Should Have More Women in STEM Careers

Growing up in India, I watched my mother juggle taking care of our family, tutoring other children, and a career as an economics professor at the local university. She inspired me to reach for the stars and made me believe that nothing was out of...

Is your Security Incident Response held together with bubble gum and duct tape?

Companies today are trying to move faster than ever to serve their customers and stay ahead of the competition. In the name of speed, we often look for short-term fixes to long-term problems. We’re then somehow amazed when things fall apart. It’s...