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Productive IT Management Insights

You’ve Got 99 Problems and Structured Incident Response Ain't 1

Organizations have undoubtedly invested in a myriad of detection and protection tools over the last decade, but are they reducing risk with all these tinker toys? It depends; some are checking the box for soft auditing, while others are working hard...

Getting a small team of security ninjas to slice the amount of security incidents sent back for rework

Many organizations are beginning to see the value in an automated Security Incident Response system. By taking an organized approach to addressing and managing the daily threats or the aftermath of a security breach, you can significantly decrease...

Video: 3 Reasons Why You'll Want to Upgrade to Symantec DLP 15 Immediately

If you're an existing Symantec DLP customer, you’ll likely want this upgrade ASAP! Those that are just embarking on the DLP journey, you’ve come at a great time. There were improvements and features added in several areas of version 15, such as 

If your patch compliance is less than 95%, you shouldn’t be sleeping at night.

Why Lots-to-Lose, Inc. patch compliance was at 40% before ITS stepped in with a managed service.

3 reasons to consider a career in technology on National Techies Day

We live in an age of amazing technological achievements.  A career in Information Technology, in particular, can be an amazing experience and career for many. Today is National Techies Day, a day to celebrate those in the broad field of technology...

Stacking up on Information Protection with Symantec DLP

Did you know that Symantec Data Loss Prevention has three layers of information protection and visibility? From the perimeter to the core, detection technologies include:

Don't let your vegetables rot because of tool letdown

In our experience, Systems Management can be one of the most bogged-down functions in IT. Teams often spend too much of their time just trying to satisfy the demands of the workforce—and not enough time maximizing their tool investment and improving...

6 Commonly Misconfigured SQL Server settings in Microsoft Configuration Manager Environments

When working in customer environments, we commonly see a lack of oversight of the Configuration Manager database instance. Often combined with a general lack of familiarity with the settings configured, or teams having the ability to rely on other...

Maturing Data Loss Prevention policies to minimize false positives

Maturity doesn't happen by accident.  The best way to establish an effective cadence is to deliberately and relentlessly plan for one. A healthcare organization in Minneapolis invested in a Data Loss Prevention solution but only gained visibility...

Video: Cover Your SaaS