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5 Ways to Simplify Your Service Graph Connector Implementations

Andrea Veenstra
October 18, 2021

The ServiceNow Service Graph Connectors are the new best-practice integrations for importing data into your CMDB.

When you have streamlined and accurate CMDB integrations, you can see a much greater return on your ServiceNow investments. But we also know multi-source data complexity can lead to frustrating issues. In this article, we’ll address some of those issues and how to overcome them with the ITS Service Graph Readiness Tool.

Problems Using Service Graph Connectors

Error Messages

Unfortunately, any integration can be hard to debug. Since there are so many interconnected pieces, it can be difficult to tell where errors originate and how to solve them. It’s common to set up an integration believing you have everything you need in place, only to discover error messages with little explanation of how to fix them.

Data Complexity

Importing your data can lead to a high number of errors if you didn’t configure it correctly for your environment. But to do that, you have to account for all sorts of pitfalls — many of which are difficult to find and may be owned by multiple stakeholders or discovery sources:

● Duplicate CIs
● Custom CI classes
● Classes without identification rules
● Data precedence rules
● Mandatory fields
● Custom identification

Inaccurate Data Classification

Ambiguous error messages, combined with the complexity of configuring a multi-source CMDB, can lead to your CI data being classified incorrectly. This can, in turn, create cascading problems in your ServiceNow environment. Some common issues are:

● Accidentally reclassifying the wrong CI.
● Reclassifying existing CIs into a new table incorrectly.
● Not being able to classify CIs into the right table.
● Gaps in your data creating a lack of visibility in the CMDB.

A Solution to Simplify Using Service Graph Connectors

Given our experience guiding organizations through hundreds of ServiceNow implementations, we understand how crucial an accurate CMDB is to the success of any project. Using Service Graph Connectors can help you get there, but we saw a need to help our partner organizations overcome common problems. That’s why we created a simple and intuitive tool to make using Service Graph Connectors easier and more effective: The ITS Service Graph Readiness Tool.

What is the Service Graph Readiness Tool?

Simply put, it’s a free tool that will check your instance's readiness for Service Graph Connector implementations. It does this by reporting on common issues that can prevent data from being imported. A few minutes using this tool can save hours — even days — of wasted time later on.

The tool is found in the ServiceNow store, and it can remove the complexities and irritating errors associated with importing data into your CMDB.


Here are five ways it helps simplify your Service Graph Connector requirements:

its_blog-icons_easy_set-up Easy Set-Up

Before running Service Graph Connectors, request the ITS Service Graph Readiness Tool from the ServiceNow store and install it. From there, it’s as simple as running a couple of jobs, and you are ready to scan your data. No custom permissions, no logins — it’s plug and play.

its_blog-icons_intuitive_user_interface Intuitive User Interface

Our Readiness Tool can help you quickly understand multiple categories of impact with an easy-to-view dashboard. The metrics are clickable and include short descriptions to provide a quick understanding of how each metric can affect Service Graph Connector success. When armed with this information, you can quickly solve the issues and save yourself time, money, and frustration.

its_blog-icons_unique_data Unique Data

Your organization is unique, and if you are like our organization is unique, and if you are like most of the organizations we partner with, your data is complex. Simplifying the complex can be challenging, but thankfully, the ITS Service Graph Readiness tool can help gather data and do the heavy lifting of identifying settings and issues that otherwise can easily get overlooked.

its_blog-icons_fully_automated Fully Automated

Integration with the ServiceNow platform gives you out-of-the-box scheduled jobs to help you organize your data and understand what is needed quickly. You can manually run or schedule the CMDB health and the correctness and completeness jobs as you need. How long these jobs will take will depend on the size of the environment, but typically speaking, they can be done within seconds.

its_blog-icons_specialized_support Specialized Support

We know that using a tool for the first time can come with questions or nuanced situations specific to your environment. That’s why we’ve provided an opportunity for you to speak to one of our specialized team members when questions come up. A quick online form will get you the support you need when you need it.

Save Yourself Hours and Headaches

Once you’ve run the tool, gathered your data, and made needed adjustments, you’ll be ready to use ServiceNow’s Service Graph Connectors confidently. So take a few minutes, download the ITS Service Graph Readiness Tool, and save yourself valuable time and resources. Most all, save yourself from headaches.

Download the Service Graph Readiness tool today by clicking on the button below or contact us at  for more information.

Service Graph Readiness Tool

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