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White Paper: Using Vulnerability Response to Protect from Cyberattacks

Josh Bernson
June 23, 2021

With so many devices and users, it can be hard to contain large-scale data breaches, malware, and viruses. Organizations often struggle to remediate their security vulnerabilities swiftly and effectively. 

Through Vulnerability Response by ServiceNow and a proven strategy from ITS Partners, you can mitigate vulnerabilities, decrease costs, secure patient confidentiality, and maintain the reputation of your healthcare organization.

 The outcome can be catastrophic.

It only takes one security breach. Before you know it, your reputation is under scrutiny and the cost to your organization is high. Your patient data is exposed — or worse, held hostage by cyber attackers. 

 Vulnerabilities are too numerous.

The problem is, vulnerabilities are everywhere. It can feel like they are too numerous for you to remediate without the right tools, processes, and expertise. It can be a nervous waiting game as a cloud of susceptibility hangs over the organization.

A research report from the Ponemon Institute surveying IT professionals from 634 different organizations revealed the challenge of preventing cyberattacks. Threats are numerous, and 80 percent of respondents say preventing attacks is difficult to achieve. Download our VR White Paper Today.

 Cyber attackers are directly targeting healthcare organizations.

While phishing attacks and DNS-based attacks are common for most organizations, cyber attackers actively target healthcare organizations with directed ransomware attacks. They are looking for opportunities to hold your data “hostage” at a considerable cost to your organization.

Even if your organization is already tackling vulnerabilities, the challenge you face is accurately visualizing your data or prioritizing the most critical weak points. You’re staring down a complex environment, all while an overwhelming workload stretches your team.

The process of vulnerability response succeeds when two things happen together: the process is efficient, and both IT and Security Teams have the information they need to perform their tasks." Josh Berson, CTO, ITS Partners

What's more effective in preventing cyberthreats? A comprehensive approach to Vulnerability Response is!

Effective remediation requires a comprehensive approach uniting people, processes, and technology to tackle cyberthreats against your organization. There are five critical steps in a successful Vulnerability Response process:
  1. Track your vulnerabilities with specific goals.
  2. Integrate your systems with accurate data.
  3. Equip your teams with cohesive training.
  4. Configure data through prioritization, assignment, and grouping.
  5. Unify your teams with defined roles and project scope.

Download our free whitepaper by clicking the image below to learn how VR can help your organization remediate vulnerabilities faster, more effectively, and give you peace of mind.

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