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Video: Symantec Endpoint Management to ServiceNow Integration

Chad Dupin
April 23, 2014


Altiris To ServiceNow Integration


In this video, Aaron Hudson of ITS Partners will demonstrate how you can leverage the power of your existing Altiris infrastructure within the ServiceNow platform. As an endpoint management customer, you are likely to have valuable resource data and processes already defined that you would like to take advantage of within ServiceNow. Our Automation team has come to the rescue and developed an integration project that is sure to maximize your efficiency and ROI by eliminating swivel chair tasks required when working in both systems.

This video will discuss:
1. What data can be pulled from Altiris and reflected in my ServiceNow platform?
2. Can I take action on those resources such as automating software delivery?
3. How can I make my ServiceNow technicians more efficient without granting unnecessary permissions ?
4. Can I see how Automation works within the ServiceNow platform?

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