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Video: Keeping Windows 10 in orbit – The Systems Management Guide

Chad Dupin
March 29, 2017


We’ve discovered the launch codes for keeping Windows 10 in orbit in any organization, no matter what systems management solution you use. Here’s the trick – you have to be at the right level for your current maturity. Aim too low and you’ll crash and burn. Aim too high and you’ll just float away into the dark expanse of space… where no one can hear you scream. In this video, Troy Whittaker will be sharing 5 key insights that will help you navigate the significant challenges you’re already facing:

  1. Why there are no more safe havens to avoid migrating to Windows 10
  2. How understanding Microsoft’s philosophy will help you see what’s coming and how it will affect you
  3. Why the traditional on-premise approach to systems management isn’t going to work in the new Windows World
  4. What the new model for systems management will look like
  5. 2 paths forward you can take to get from where you are today to where you need to be

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