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Productive IT Management Insights

Video: Using Symantec Data Loss Prevention To Block A Specific Email Address or Domain.

"Is it possible to block content to a specific email address or a domain with Symantec Data Loss Prevention?" This was a question recently asked of us by a customer and this video demonstrates how to accomplish this task. In this video we will show...

Video: Symantec DLP: Exact Data Match

In this video presentation we talk about Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Exact Data Matching (EDM). We demonstrate how to implement EDM in the Enforce Platform by revealing several ways we can use data that is exported into a flat file and...

Video: Who Really Owns Your Organization's Critical Data?

    The explosion of data since 2008 has produced a new challenge for IT personnel who understand the value of data and the importance of empowering the team with the right information about that data in order to determine how to govern it. Let us...

Video: Symantec Data Loss Prevention: Triggering Endpoint Response Rules

There's many ways for confidential data to be lost on your endpoints.

ITS Coffee Talks: ITS Partners' Interview with Slava Gomzin

Slava Gomzin is a Security and Payments Technologist at Hewlett-Packard, where he helps create products that are integrated into modern payment processing ecosystems using the latest security and payments technologies. Prior to joining...

Video: Learn how to handle Symantec DLP incidents using ServiceNow or Symantec ServiceDesk.

One of the challenges in Symantec Data Loss Prevention is assignment and tracking of incidents. The system has a built-in workflow to handle basic escalation, but wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage your existing ticketing service desk...

ITS Partners To Be A Corporate Sponsor At GrrCon '13 and Hosting A $1,000 Cyber Security Challenge

Video: Symantec Security Routing Engine

The Symantec Workflow and Symantec Security Consultants at ITS Partners have worked together to create a solution that takes an input from a Symantec security product and then routes it based on some decisions that are made in the ITS Security...

Video: Where Did Your Data Go Today? Using Symantec DLP to lock down your data.

Where Did Your Data Go Today? Using Symantec DLP to lock down your data.

Gartner names Symantec the Only 7-Time Leader* in DLP

Gartner names Symantec the Only 7-Time Leader* in DLP