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Video: Learn how to handle Symantec DLP incidents using ServiceNow or Symantec ServiceDesk.

Chad Dupin
October 22, 2013



One of the challenges in Symantec Data Loss Prevention is assignment and tracking of incidents. The system has a built-in workflow to handle basic escalation, but wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage your existing ticketing service desk system, such as Symantec’s ServiceDesk or ServiceNow, to handle this workflow?

During this video, you will learn how we leverage the Incident API to get information from the DLP system and place it into your service desk system, and then resolve the incident in the DLP system once a change has been made. We will demonstrate the Incident Reporting API, creating an incident in the service desk system, and then resolving the incident which will update the DLP system. We will use the following software to perform this:

  • Symantec DLP
  • Symantec Workflow
  • Symantec Incident API
  • Symantec Service Desk and ServiceNow Incident Management

Symantec Software Asset Management. from ITS Partners on Vimeo.

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