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Powerful Reporting with IT Analytics 7.1 from Symantec

Automating Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Remediation with Symantec Workflow.

Overwhelmed by the number of events happening in you Endpoint Protection environment?

Using Symantec Mobile Solutions for a comprehensive mobility strategy


Self Remediate Using Symantec Data Loss Prevention & Workflow

Self Remediate Using Symantec Data Loss Prevention and Workflow When running a DLP Data at Rest scan there can be potentially a large number of incidents generated, how can 1 admin handle re-mediating a large # of files while performing the rest of...

Altiris Deployment Solution 7.1.

Altiris Deployment Solution 7.1. Learn more about using Altiris Deployment Solution 7.1 and imaging. ; We will be discussing the following: Is 7.1 a viable option for imaging?Does PXE finally work?How do I image?What is the migration path from DS...

How You Can Enhance Symantec Ghost Using Altiris Deployment Solution 7

During this demo you learn how to enhance Symantec Ghost with Deployment Solution 7.1. ; This is your chance to learn about the road map and new deployment features that are available in Symantec's Altiris Deployment Solution. Learn about these new...

Software License Management & Compliance. Altiris Asset Mangement Suite 7.1

Altiris Asset Management Suite 7.1. Episode 1: The Procurement Process.

In this first episode of a 5 part series, we discuss the Procurement Process in Altiris Asset Management Suite 7.1. Stu Harris and Marty Huizinga of ITS Partners, give a general overview of each component of the procurement features in AMS 7.1.

Symantec CMDB Reporting - How to find the right SQL Table

Custom Process Search - Workflow Designed by ITS Partners