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Matt Reid

Matt Reid
Matt Reid is a 20+ year infosec guy and a part-time contributor to ITS’ forums. Matt currently works for Symantec as a Client Director, Strategic Accounts.
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Ready, Set, Automate Security Response!

Not so fast. First let me say that I am an accomplished lifetime angler, deeply connected with the technical requirements, science and art that apply in various types of fishing. I have fished in over half of the country, instructed clinics, built...

Why you need to upgrade to Oracle 12c NOW if you are running Symantec DLP

Many know that Oracle is the "Fort Knox" of the Symantec DLP system backend, but if you aren’t the DLP admin, you may not know that you need to upgrade it NOW. On May 31st, 2018, Symantec released a technote with details on the planned support for...

Video: So long DLP... Hello Insider Threat

DLP means so much more than it did 10 years ago. 

Video: Extending Your Security to the Cloud

Many C-level IT Executives are caught between two worlds. Enable the workforce’s productivity, while at the same time keep reducing risk for the organization. Today’s workplace is experiencing a fundamental shift in how work gets done and as a...

Why the loss of momentum and failure to adapt can diminish the value of DLP

Poor or lacking post-launch follow-up. Loss of momentum and failure to adapt can diminish the value of DLP.

Video: 7 keys to resolving Security Incidents faster than people speed

Symantec solutions are essential for helping organizations protect and detect security incidents across the enterprise. But every incident still needs a response from the organization—and in some cases, the response needs to be lightning fast. The...

You’ve Got 99 Problems and Structured Incident Response Ain't 1

Organizations have undoubtedly invested in a myriad of detection and protection tools over the last decade, but are they reducing risk with all these tinker toys? It depends; some are checking the box for soft auditing, while others are working hard...

Video: 3 Reasons Why You'll Want to Upgrade to Symantec DLP 15 Immediately

If you're an existing Symantec DLP customer, you’ll likely want this upgrade ASAP! Those that are just embarking on the DLP journey, you’ve come at a great time. There were improvements and features added in several areas of version 15, such as 

Don't let your vegetables rot because of tool letdown

In our experience, Systems Management can be one of the most bogged-down functions in IT. Teams often spend too much of their time just trying to satisfy the demands of the workforce—and not enough time maximizing their tool investment and improving...

Maturing Data Loss Prevention policies to minimize false positives

Maturity doesn't happen by accident.  The best way to establish an effective cadence is to deliberately and relentlessly plan for one. A healthcare organization in Minneapolis invested in a Data Loss Prevention solution but only gained visibility...