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Video: 7 keys to resolving Security Incidents faster than people speed

Matt Reid
December 20, 2017
HubSpot Video

Symantec solutions are essential for helping organizations protect and detect security incidents across the enterprise.

But every incident still needs a response from the organization—and in some cases, the response needs to be lightning fast.

The challenge is that most companies are still responding at “people speed”—following long runbooks, relying on multiple sources of data, moving data between spreadsheets, responding to long email threads, and creating manual reports. The incident response function is a chronically unstructured and unproductive process. But it doesn’t have to be.

In this video, we’ll address the challenges, and dysfunction majority of organizations face responding to security incidents and events. In particular, how to operationalize Symantec tools and services in conjunction with ServiceNow Security Incident Response from ITS.

7 Keys to Resolving Security Incidents


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