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Video: Extending Your Security to the Cloud

Many C-level IT Executives are caught between two worlds. Enable the workforce’s productivity, while at the same time keep reducing risk for the organization.

Today’s workplace is experiencing a fundamental shift in how work gets done and as a result, also a shift in how we enforce security policy.

Working with over 1000 clients in various industries, we are advising companies through this transition of productivity moving to the cloud while most of the protection remains on-prem.

In this video, Matt Reid, Cloud Security expert at ITS, covers several factors to consider when evaluating your SaaS security, and shares a simple maturity model that is resonating with organizations making this digital transition.

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Matt Reid

Written by Matt Reid

Matt Reid is a 20+ year infosec guy and a part-time contributor to ITS’ forums. Matt currently works for Symantec as a Client Director, Strategic Accounts.

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