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How Lots-to-Lose leveraged ServiceNow to unify communication

Josh Bernson
March 13, 2018


THE WILDFIRE: Analysts wasted time copying and pasting incident data from tools, spreadsheets and emails just to move resolutions along.

Different cultures, methodologies, and software platforms across siloed teams created major obstacles to moving information. Manually bouncing that information from person to person across the business at “people speed” wasted time that should have been spent on responding to incidents or vulnerability.

THE EXTINGUISHER: ITS leveraged ServiceNow SecOps to unify communication and break down silos, getting the right info to the right people at the right time.

ServiceNow functions as a unified platform both IT and Security can work in and share information through seamlessly. Automated information gathering, task assignments, and consistent workflows take the tedium of manual information sharing out of the equation for more productive incident and vulnerability response.

AUTOMATED MESSAGING: Communications are completely automated based on intelligent threat identification and predefined workflows.

INTELLIGENT INFORMATION ROUTING:The right information is automatically sent to the right person for the right steps in any response process.

COMMON PLATFORM:With Security and IT working on the same platform, communication between the two teams is effortless.

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