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Video: Symantec Data Center Security: Keeping Legacy OS Protected

Chad Dupin
June 1, 2015


DCS_Webinar Final


Are you unsure about the protection on your critical systems? Unable to migrate away from old, vulnerable, non-supported operating systems? Dependent on aging hardware to support sensitive production lines? Interested in performing agent-less malware scanning on your stack of virtual servers? If any of these are true, you’ve found the right video!

The health and security of your data centers is vital to your organization. Today’s security must support rapid provisioning and interactions of business applications across dynamic infrastructures, and we’re going to show you how Data Center Security accommodates diverse use cases that provide the security for your infrastructure. Topics we will cover include use cases from various industries:

  • Finance: Protecting customer information and security intelligent alerting/auditing
  • Manufacturing: Secure applications and business operations
  • Retail: Securing consumer end devices
  • Health care: Patching legacy systems and protecting systems with consumer data
  •  Everybody: Behold the efficiency and convenience of agent-less VMware malware scanning in DCS:Server Advanced

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