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Video: Actionable Integration: ServiceNow to Altris - Seamlessly Deploy Ad-hoc Software Requests

Chad Dupin
June 2, 2015



Free Your IT to focus on what really matters to your business, while giving your end users the consumer e-commerce experience they’re accustomed to.
Actionable Integration: ServiceNow to Altiris makes this possible with a tight integration between ServiceNow and software deployment solutions like Symantec’s Altiris Endpoint Management Platform and (coming soon) SCCM.
In this video we’ll demonstrate the recently upgraded Actionable Integration which now supports ServiceNow Fuji and Altiris 7.6, along with other new features.
Actionable Integration: ServiceNow to Altiris is available in the ServiceNow store today.
Key Features:
1) Execute Altiris tasks on Computers managed by Altiris and imported from Altiris:

  • From an Incident record
  • From a link within a Computer record
  • From a Service Catalog Item request for Software with automated task deliver from Altiris
  • Trigger computer reboots from an Incident


2) Import Core Data – Computers Data from Altiris 7.x

  • With related Installed Software, Physical and Virtual Disks, & Network Adapters

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