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Video: Who Really Owns Your Organization's Critical Data?

Chad Dupin
September 10, 2014


Data Insight DLP Webcast 090914


The explosion of data since 2008 has produced a new challenge for IT personnel who understand the value of data and the importance of empowering the team with the right information about that data in order to determine how to govern it. Let us bring “insight” as to who is really the owner of critical data in your organization.
ITS would like to work with you to understand Symantec's Data Insight, a product that integrates with Symantec's Data Loss Prevention, discovering and collecting activity and permissions information about your data. Data Insight solves the problem of identifying data owners through usage patterns and behavioral tracking. Join us as we delve into the Data Insight console and demonstrate some of the capabilities of this solution, including:

  • Track any file reads, writes, or deletes by Active Directory user name
  • Track any usage on a per-file basis on any File Share
  • Identify which user is a Data Owner, as opposed to simply a data creator.
  • Assign custodians to clean up or archive unused stale data that is simply taking up valuable space
  • Integrate with Data Loss Prevention to identify data owners on files violating DLP policies
  • Identify openly-accessible File Shares which are not properly protecting potentially critical data

Join us in discovering what you might not even know you needed to know about your data!

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