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Video: Advanced Threat Protection

Matt Reid
February 26, 2016
Advanced Threat Protection – Identify, prioritize and remediate today’s threats, leveraging your exi

Identify, prioritize and remediate today’s threats, leveraging your existing Symantec solutions

Today’s threat environment is evolving at a remarkable rate as cyber criminals improve their ability to change and adapt. With today’s growing number of targeted attacks, it has become virtually impossible to block every threat before it reaches your network. It’s no longer a matter of if you’ll suffer a malware outbreak or data breach, but when. Unfortunately, most businesses are not very good at detecting and responding to these malware attacks when they happen:

Stats about Advanced Threats

  • Advanced attackers targeted 5 out 6 large companies in 2014 (Source: Symantec 2015 ISTR)
  • 66% of all breaches went undetected for more than 30 days (Source: Verizon Breach Report)
  • On average, data breaches were detected 243 days after they happened (Source: Ponemon)
  • And the average data breach takes 4 months to remediate (Source: Mandiant ATP 1 Report)

Watch this presentation and demo where existing Symantec Endpoint Protection customers will realize how to shift from a “protection only” mindset to a more comprehensive approach to detect quickly, prioritizes what matters most and remediate fast!


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