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White Paper: Guide to Productive DLP

Chad Dupin
May 20, 2016


Discover the nine pitfalls that typically cause Data Loss Prevention (DLP) initiatives to get off course and diminish in value.

When a DLP system becomes hard to manage or poses unnecessary obstacles to employees, the value of the solution starts to erode. This white paper can help you figure out why that happens and how to keep your DLP initiative on course.

Drawing on extensive experience in organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries, ITS has identified nine pitfalls that organizations often encounter when they attempt to develop, launch, operate, and maintain DLP solutions. These nine pitfalls are the ones we encounter most frequently in IT organizations:

  1. Desired outcomes are not adequately defined
  2. Risks are not properly prioritized
  3. The DLP team is not mission-ready
  4. Inaccurate data classification
  5. Inadequate knowledge transfer
  6. Employees are not informed and engaged
  7. Failure to anticipate and plan for future change
  8. Problems with configuration and rollout
  9. Poor or lacking post-launch follow-up

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