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Video: Symantec Security & Mobility Update For The Healthcare Industry

Chad Dupin
January 30, 2014



Healthcare more than ever is becoming an information driven enterprise. Organizations are moving to a state where data security, availability, and secure access and authentication are critical. However, very few enterprises / verticals have to deliver this experience in an environment where:

  •  Access to data and it’s integrity can literally mean life and death,
  • Your customer’s most valued data is constantly at risk,
  • The stakes for compliance / non compliance with industry regulation are high.

Symantec helps address the questions of:

  • What is my sensitive information (HIPAA, PII)?
  • Where is that information being stored?
  • How is it being accessed?
  • How is it used or shared?
  • Are standard business processes / flows putting it at risk?

How can we offer users a fluid experience that provides secure access to information from any device?
Symantec Solutions to focus on as we answer these:

  • Data Insight
  • DLP
  • PGP
  • VIP / MPKI
  • Mobility

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