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Video: Introducing ServiceNow, The Enterprise IT Cloud Company.

Chad Dupin
May 30, 2013

Introducing ServiceNow, The Enterprise IT Cloud Company.

In this video, ITS Partners will demonstrate how you can automate your service management and transform IT with ServiceNow.  As an IT professional, you are likely being asked to deliver innovative products and services that improve operation effeciency. To be successful, you need to minimize capital investments and operating expenses, increase service quality and delivery speed, and support all regulatory and compliance requirements.

The key to all of this? Automation.



This video will discuss:

  1. Why ITS has decided to partner with ServiceNow
  2. Learn how you can improve customer satisfaction with faster response times and self-service
  3. Simplify and automate IT operations so you can allocate your resources more effectively
  4. See how Automation works within the ServiceNow platform


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