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Infographic: 10 Risky Employee Behaviors in the Cloud

Chad Dupin
March 7, 2017

10 Examples of Employee Behaviors in the Cloud That Can Increase Risk

Every CISO knows that cloud apps are being used by employees. Some are approved apps but most are not. What every CISO doesn’t know is the full extent of the actions employees are taking in those cloud apps and how those actions introduce risk. These actions range anywhere on the continuum from ignorance to malicious. An ignorant employee might have just clicked the wrong link on Social Media and introducing malware to their device. A malicious employee might have just downloaded the entire customer database from Salesforce and uploaded it to their personal Dropbox. The list goes on and on but we’ve summarized the top actions in an infographic you should print and post on your door.

Download the the infographic to:

      • Visualize the 10 things your employees are already doing that show why you need to extend data protection to the cloud.
      • Learn about a Defense Maturity Workshop that can help CISOs navigate this decision

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