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Video: Challenging the status quo of IT Management: Keeping users productive and protected.

Troy Whittaker
November 4, 2016


What IT leaders can learn from "open world" games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft.

“Open world” games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft have transformed the gaming industry and have made a huge impact on our culture because of one simple reason: They give players freedom and control over how they play. Instead of a linear, structured track controlled by the game developers, players can choose their own path and approach.

The equivalent transformation is happening in IT––end users expect freedom in how they work. This new era is bogging down IT Management teams–the status quo isn’t working.

Learn how other IT leaders are dealing with the challenge of keeping users productive AND protected.

  • What IT leaders can learn from games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft
  • How the productivity demands of digitally-savvy users are changing IT Management
  • Why IT Management is more critical than ever – understanding the rising challenges and costly implications
  • Top reasons why so many IT Management teams are bogged down and struggling to manage everything
  • The 7 key doctrines of IT management followed by the most productive teams on the planet

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