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Video: Automated Risk Management and Compliance within Healthcare with ITS and Symantec

Chad Dupin
December 9, 2014


Today, Healthcare organizations are at a crossroad. Continue the struggle to strike balance between business reward and risk, or take the brave steps toward making IT security an offensive game?

The reality is that personal health information is worth more than credit cards and what’s worse is that thieves know it! Today’s threats are also more automated, more targeted, and more sophisticated than ever before. That, in turn, has given rise to a plethora of new and often vague laws and regulations, forcing organizations to demonstrate compliance and effective security

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Where does your organization stand in today’s landscape?
Join ITS and Symantec for this presentation to learn more about our separate, yet shared dedication and focus to securing Healthcare.

  •  Symantec’s focus on Healthcare
  •  Symantec’s response to Automated Risk Management and Compliance
  • Healthcare Case Studies from ITS Partners
  • Healthcare Specific Security Assessments

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