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Video: Managing Assets for a Mobile Workforce

Rachel Wells
April 15, 2020

Today is about solving your organization's immediate needs and about building asset maturity into your organization over the long term.

Do you know if all your users have the right hardware and software entitlements needed for work from home? Are you accounting for assets possibly outside your established process?

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In this video, Fritz and Yvette will answer those questions and will also discuss:

  • Getting clarity on the challenges of managing the assets for a remote workforce
  • Strategies you can use and actions that you can take right now
  • Understanding how Remote Asset Management fits into your broader Asset strategy.
  • How to move forward with Asset management maturity
  • Your employees are using devices that have never been used for work or a device that IT knows nothing about.
  • These devices might not check into the network regularly or at all, and how you should handle it.
  • Figuring out what's urgent and what is important regarding your remote assets.
  • How you can enable more mature asset management in your organization.
  • These foundational workloads free IT and how the best people in your enterprise should move from the mundane to innovation and how these workloads are the basis of your security program.
  • These foundational workloads, optimizing business as usual, is the key to digital transformation.
  • Asset management saves money and risk for hardware and software.
  • IOT is coming, and it looks a lot like mature asset management.

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